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LOUD Graphic Studios

LOUD Graphic Studios

LOUD Graphic Studios (LGS) is a privately-owned, for-profit Amerian enterprise based in Oklahoma City, OK. Founded and developed by Landon Durand Loud, LGS is the publishing arm of LOUD Enterprise Group. The LOUD entities tributes its name to Booker T. Loud (1933-2004), beloved father of Landon Loud. 

LOUD Graphic Studios owns and operates the Envision Comics brand, which includes the Envision Universe and the Envision Comic Universe (ECU). The key officers of LGS are:

* Landon Durand Loud (President & CEO, Creator & Owner) 

* Michael Neal McDonald (Production & Operations Director) 

* Other individuals who have yet to be appointed.

LGS was founded as and exists as a Christian enterprise. As such, we have specific values that govern our business and everything about our business. Among these are:

1. Live by and promote a Christian Worldview in all our areas

2. Promote pro-American patriotism as an extension of value

3. Combat ignorance that has proliferated at an alarming rate

4. Defeat leftism, secular humanism and despotism with Truth & honor

5. Grow our business through key, common-sense business practices and equity investments

6. Invest in the communities through philanthropy, charity & involvement

7. Build relationships with like-minded individuals, organizations & enterprises to advance a better world

As we grow, we will retain the heartland American spirit that has guided us since our beginning. With this, we want to enlist the help of individuals and organizations that can see value to our enterprise and what we hope to deliver to the positive American experience.

Please take a moment to provide us your contact information so that we may reach you when areas of interest emerge through our Envision Comics brand and the business side of LOUD Graphic Studios. We appreciate your willingness to forward us your information.